• I work in the evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions in the Chilean Mediterranean ecosystem. More specifically, using a broad array of methodologies I try to understand the way ecological and historical processes molded the current structure of plant-animal interactions in central Chile.
  • In addition to my scientific work, I am also interested in history and philosophy of science. Currently I am working on the adequacy of Peirce-Hanson abduction model to describe the way scientific hypotheses are created.


  • FONDECYT 1180850 (2018-2021). Medel, R. Testing phylogenetic and geographical effects in plant-pollinator networks of the Chilean Mediterranean region.
  • CYTED P417RT0228 (2018-2021). Medel, R. et al. Ecological interactions in protected ecosystems.


  • Evolutionary Biology (First semester)
  • Philosophy of Science (First semester)


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  • An almost complete set of past publications can be found at Academia
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